Saturday, March 24, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 24

And while Pete & I did go visiting last night to Grandma & Grandpa K's, and also saw Pete's parents + younger sibs, and Mindy & Aaron + kids... I forgot to grab a picture while we were there. It was a fun night -- but today's back to the studying hard. I took a bit too much time off from studying this domain, and am playing catch-up this weekend in hopes of doing well on Monday's 3 hour exam! (We have 1 exam each 3-4 week class!)
So, today's photo challenge: A smile. Pretty sure this counts ~ this is my happy dog on our walk this evening. And yes... our grass is this green (you can also see that it's been misting today -- the grass is pretty wet)! His happiest 2 minutes each day are between the end of the walk and mealtime.

On another note: I really am liking this springtime weather!


Carol said...

That definitely counts -- it's a darn cute smile!

Gram said...

I think he too is happy about spring. :)