Wednesday, March 21, 2012

30 Day Photo Challege: Days 19-21

Today we were able to take the plane out and just around the area... certainly looks like summer!
In addition to Pete getting a plane Monday, I had to have a breast biopsy. Today's a great day -- not only is the weather good, but I found out the results & I do not have cancer. All the same, it was scary to be told that I needed a biopsy and it was not the least painful thing I have ever done.
Following my biopsy, I came home and napped here on the couch (Day 19: where I slept) -- following strict instructions to not clean, vacuum, lift anything, or move too much.

These are the books that I am reading (Day 20). Unfortunately, school leaves little time for much recreational reading during the semester. As for "recreational reading", I did get through the Breast Health pamphlet as well as the pathology report (top document) -- not so exciting reads, but important all the same.
And... today's pretty pattern: the top of the tea box we got from China (contains a wonderful loose leaf fruit tea and unfurling flower jasmine tea). I like this pattern, and today especially -- with all the sunshine, the box seems to glow. One thing that I found interesting when traveling over there, packaging matters almost as much as the product itself. We have a beautiful wood box (in storage) that contains the glass figurine of the Great Wall of China, and a nice patterned box containing my tea set.


Jan said...

glad to read your good news. I have been enjoying your posts lately.
How fun to be up in the skies!

Carol said...

I love pretty boxes -- and negative test results! What beautiful weather to try out your new airplane.

Gram said...

Love the arial view. Glad about your test results.

Yvonne said...

lovely pictures too.