Monday, March 12, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 12

Today's challenge was a close-up. As I stated yesterday, I am fascinated by the human eye. Outside of the many unique colors, use in expressing emotion - conveying amusement, elation, sadness and anger; and usefulness in experience the many visual wonders of our world -- did you know that your eye contains a treasure trove of information about you?

The part of the eye seen by everyone each day can become a repository for substances -- for example, people with high cholesterol can get a white line around the colored part of the eye called arcus lipoides, or sometimes people that have high copper levels in their blood will have a copper ring around this colored part called a Kaiser-Fleischer ring.

Additionally, if someone looks at the back of the eye (part not seen by the casual observer)-- sometimes changes related to higher pressure in the brain/skull can be seen, or changes in the blood vessels related to diabetes, high blood pressure, infections attacking the heart, and other conditions can be seen; often at the same time as changes to similarly sized blood vessels elsewhere in the body (ex. kidney).

Isn't the eye just fascinating?


Julie said...

So fascinating. Glad you shared!

ethiopifinn said...

it is so interesting!
and i just really enjoyed your last post, too--so many fun details about yourself. :)

Gram said...

You are such a wealth of information...thank for sharing your in"sight". I have a new respect for the eye!