Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy, Busy Weekend

1. We have heat again. Pete replaced the broken part on Friday, and we tested the furnace all weekend. It seems to work~ it has kept the house at a comfortable 67 degrees.
2. Friday we were hit pretty hard with snow on Friday. I ended up staying home from work, but Pete braved the elements to go to work. And according to him, the roads were B.A.D. I think we ended up with 10"-12" of snow... When outdoors we were certainly trudging through the white stuff--looks to be a white Christmas!
3. Friday was the H**n*n*n Christmas party. Many people. Good food. Lots of fun! After this party, we went to Pete's hockey. They played until quarter to midnight. I went only because our driveway was going to be plowed somewhere between 11 and midnight, and I did not feel like walking in the deep, wet, white stuff.
4. Last night, was the L'*sp*r*nc* Christmas party. We exchanged gifts and had a wonderful dinner. It was a nice evening, spent enjoying the Christmas season with family.
5. We have also had company this weekend - not that we have seen much of them. Greg (Sally's BF), and Paul (Greg's friend) have been staying at our house.

All-in-all it has been a busy fun weekend! We look forward to continued busy-ness as Christmas and New Year's near! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Laura!

If you happen to see my wonderful Mother-in-law today, wish her a happy birthday!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brrr... It's cold outside

Brrr... It's cold outside.

I woke up this morning absolutely freezing... our house a balmy 52 degrees. I thought that perhaps we had forgot to turn the furnace on overnight (we generally use our wood stove in the evenings and turn the furnace fan on to heat the house to a comfortable 67 degrees). However, this was not the case...

The house continued to cool steadily throughout the day... When Pete and I returned from work, our house was a shiver inducing 40 degrees. The cause of the cold: the motor on the exhaust of our furnace wore out... so the furnace is out of order at this time. Pete has ordered the part, and we should have heat by the weekend.

As I sit, huddled in blankets and intermittently thawing by the fire, typing this... I am thankful for 2 things: 1) I am glad this part wore out now, instead of next week (as we plan to be gone for several days), and 2) I am thankful for our wood stove. Somehow the cold, winter outisde temperatures seem cooler, when our house is not cozy and warm.

Keep warm. Happy Winter!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My tooth is (temporarily) fixed

I am no longer singing "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth".
My lower tooth is (temporarily) fixed from last months soccer incident. Although the temporary tooth/cap is slightly/not noticeably darker than my real teeth, my permanent tooth should match very well.

I can no longer drink with a straw through the gap in my front teeth... a feat I that reminded me of being 6.
The silver lining in this whole incident: My real teeth/before the accident were very crowded, and the front tooth was in my mouth at a slight angle. My new smile will be straighter, with the lower teeth all in a line.

I've been tagged!

I think this title says it--I've been tagged by Mindi, Aleena, and Sarah! Here are 6 things about me that I have not blogged about before... read on!

1) I do not know my right. I sometimes call it my left. Often when I give directions I prefer to point or tap on the window or something else, to avoid having the car turn around to go the other 'right'. I am better with compass directions - North, South, East and West. These seem to somehow make more sense to me.

2) I am comfortable with mess (not dirt, but mess). I do not need to have the dishes done, or main level picked up when I go to sleep. I certainly don't need to make my bed (except on days when I put clean sheets on it), and actually think making my bed is kind of a waste of time.

3) I like to cook/entertain... for other people. When Pete and I are here by ourselves, we often eat the easiest meals. Lately, it has been food made over our wood stove with pie irons and hot dog roasters. It's warm, and possibly nutritious. Otherwise, my cooking/baking goes in spurts--I have an over achieving day where I make many types of things, and then I will not do it for a while... at all.

4) I would prefer people to stop by unannounced, or invite themselves over. I am not very good at making plans or calling. We are home most evenings, please call or drop by if you want to see us... We like company! :)

5) I used to be painfully shy. There was a time when people would pass by me in school, and simply by saying "Hello Heidi" would make me turn all shades of red. I started to be able to talk to people when I was in college, and now I have an outgoing personality.

6) I am an overachiever. Reading the above statements might not make this last one make much sense... Pete often says that I have two settings "On" or "Off"--perhaps this is the best way to describe it. On days that I am "On", I can accomplish many things in little time and get things done. It's on these days that I clean the house, put up the tree, get 3/4 of the Christmas shopping done, and make ~20 dozen Christmas cookies. On the "Off" days, I nap, lounge around, and waste time on the computer (among other things).

I tag the following people: Megan, Andrea, Karen, Katie, the other Heidi, and Jennifer. Now you have to come up with 6 things about yourself to put on your blog! Play along, it's fun! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Decorating Done!

I am finished with my Christmas decorating -- nothing special, but thought I would share photos for my family who is far away! Anyway, in addition to the above decorating, I also put the fake candles in the front windows facing the road... except on the 3rd floor. I am definitely enjoying the smell of Christmas this season! Season's Greetings!