Friday, July 24, 2009

New Windows and Pets

This week we got new windows on the first and second levels of the house. I am totally enjoying them right now! It feels good to open & close the windows. It also has cut down on the amount of traffic noise that we hear... All good things!
This is our main level bathroom. This probably had the biggest improvement! Before, there was a mirror on the back wall. Putting a window in this room has made this bathroom feel more like a room & less like a closet!
I finally was able to take a picture of our kittens. The top picture is of Hondo (our 2.5 year old dog), and Halo. The bottom picture is of Nala. These kittens get along well with our dog, which is a nice surprise! Also, they are both friendly (and still alive). All good things!
Enjoy your day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mid-Summer update

This past weekend, was spent relaxing (and catching up on day-to-day household projects). But, true to our form... the past few weekends this month were extremely b.u.s.y.... So, lets review.

Last weekend, we spent in MN for Kristen & Todd's wedding. It was a very fun (but short) weekend. The top picture is of the bridal party "honking" (I am having difficulty moving the picture down in blogger), the picture immediately below is of my family, and the 3rd below is of the newlyweds. Kristen & Todd certainly had a whirlwind of a weekend -- Friday they closed on their first home (congrats), Saturday they were married (congrats), and Sunday they went on their honeymoon! Congratulations Kristen & Todd!

Also this month, we celebrated Indepence day. I rarely take pictures when I am not on vacation, but I was glad that I remembered the camera when we went to watch fireworks. Mindy and Aaron were in town for the weekend, and it was fun to see them & their kids. The above picture is of their oldest catching a fish -- he caught his first fish that evening and was super proud of his catch!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things to look forward to this month...

July promises to be especially busy this year... but fun busy, not overwhelming busy... you know? This month includes it all: confirmation, a wedding out-of-town, a baptism, and a few get-together's in this area including some family from out of town.
Happy Independence Day to all!