Sunday, June 24, 2012

Camping at Beaver Island

This past weekend, Pete and I went to Beaver Island to go camping. We were surprised by the hospitality shown by the islanders, enjoyed the beautiful island views and small town feeling of the place. We definitely would like to go back in the future for a longer period of time and would take our bikes -- there are many miles of nice bike trails that would have been fun to explore! 

The campground was really reasonable -- $5 a night. Plenty of wood around to burn -- either found in the woods, or dropped off by people to burn (at some of the campsites -- looked like left over building scrap). The sites were really nice too -- private, quiet. I was very impressed.

 First sights of Beaver Island ~ Michigan's Emerald Isle.
One of the biking paths -- comfortably fits 2-3 bikers across (you can approximate the size by my dog who is ~6-8" across).
Mainstreet -- looking at the historical museum staffed by volunteers. One of the more unusual museums I have visited -- even the items have stories of how they arrived at the museum and the descriptions give you a glimpse at the stories of the people behind these donations.  
The marina.

Through the campfire smoke... overlooking the lake.