Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And... that's all folks!

We listed our house in September, received an offer during the first week the house was on the market... And today, Pete closed on our house (I gave Pete Power of Attorney to sign documents on my behalf as I had difficulty getting time off due to a crazy school schedule). We are done with this project, and are back to being very mobile -- with only the commitment of an apartment contract to hold us to the area. [That being said, we still have significant interest in this area -- church, friends, family, a job that Pete enjoys... just no longer physical ties to this region.]

We went there for the last time last week to pick up the last few remaining items in the house -- a bed and desk my grandpa had made me long ago. I had a few tears -- mostly for the life and wonderful memories that we had there: hanging out in front of the fire on chilly afternoons, having friends/family over, planting things each spring and watching green things grow from the ground (mostly weeds, I will admit -- but proud of my few flowers that came up), among other things. But leaving reminds me of something Pete said multiple times when we moved in: A house this old is never completely your own... you just get to take care of it for a little while.

The apartment suits our life for now -- its easy, low maintenance, and allows us to be mobile -- something that will be desirable when I apply to residency programs in a year. But, its a strange feeling downsizing/regressing in our adult life from a settled life involving a 5-bedroom, 2-car garage house on 2.something acres and most meals being fairly homemade... to a 1 bedroom apartment with most meals being convenience foods (cold cereal, prepackaged salads, etc). However, I am thankful for our current living situation and for having an understanding/supportive spouse as it allows me to pursue my goal of becoming a doctor, and focus on my learning/school right now.

Mortise and tenon joints... I will miss these reminders that our house was unique and old.
Pete moving the last of the bedframe my Grandpa made me from the 3rd floor.

I will miss this magnificent magnolia and its plate sized leaves in all seasons.

Looking back... leaving the house for the last time.
One final good-bye, and "Congrats" balloon for the new owner.
I had opportunity to meet the new owner a few weeks ago when my mom and sister came to town to help us move a few more things from the place. A middle-aged man with a teenage daughter. I am pleased that he is interested in the history of the house and details of the house. I hope it serves them well.

Eta: I am not yet done with the blog. Though it did start out as a way to chronicle the progress of our house projects... it became a way to share what has been going on with our life... and I am not yet sure I am ready to give it up. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tourist in my own town

This past weekend, my mom and sister came to visit me. It was so much fun to see them again -- and I totally enjoyed the time we spent together. The weekend was action packed... we did things such as explore the capitol, tour a local town and visit all the gifty-type shops that Pete won't tour with me, went on an airplane ride, emptied the house of furniture and belongings, visited with my aunt and uncle, went out to eat a couple times -- including once for pie, had cider and doughnuts from a local cider mill, among other things. It was fun -- and I believe they had a good time too! But today, its back to reality and I am sad to see them  go!
A few pics from the weekend (photo credits: my sister Emma):