Monday, January 26, 2009

Life, in general

A two minute blurb... about life, in general.

It seems that last year ended with the expectation that this year would be similar... same jobs, same house, same dog, etc. as last year. Pete and I are at a fairly stable point in our life, and there was really nothing to indicate that, aside from new anniversaries, etc. life will be much different this year.

However, than the new year rolled around. I am now studying ~3+ days a week to take an admissions test for Grad school. Pete came home the other evening inquiring how I would feel about a *potential* temporary 3-12 month relocation to Korea for sometime later this year. [For the record: I would welcome the opportunity.] And... we no longer have any cats. It seems that life is subject to change at any moment; it certainly keeps us from being bored!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Given the cold temperatures and snow recently making travel more difficult, Saturday's around our home have have been "lazy" with a Sunday-like feel to the day. We have not accomplished anything large on Saturday's this month--the largest feat being the weekly grocery run & laundry. But, we have been able to catch up on sleep, and work on some of our less strenuous personal goals... For instance, this month, I have finished 3 books in front of the fire, and have started to review some of my old coursework from college. [I am toying with the idea of taking a graduate admissions test and going back to school for Fall 2010 or so...]

But, it feels wonderful to ease into 2009; I am enjoying a "pause" in our life induced by the insulating snow and cold of winter. I hope that, if winter cold & snow has found you, you are warm, dry, and relaxed... enjoying a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice).

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Semi's on Winter Roads

I brought my sister, Courtney, to the airport this morning for her return flight home... It was so fun to have her in town, and get to see her (and her BF) a bit this past week.

While driving down 275 at 6:50 AM, I was left to say good-bye, and comiserate with my sister about winter. We had a few inches of snow overnight, and the roads had yet to be cleared for morning traffic. Certainly, there were the usual spin-off's, and Semi's. And while cars on the road were content to be going 45 MPH, the semi's were going just quick enough to slowly pass by... It was during these times, that all I could see out the windshield was a nice coating of light brown sludge from the roads...

Shouldn't semi's and large trucks be required to have courtesy for drivers of other vehicles during inclemet weather, as demonstrated by slower speeds or perhaps use of less traveled roads? I completely understand that the large trucks have better traction due to their weight, number of tires, etc. But, the backsplash by their tires makes for an additional hazard on winter roads ~ completely obstructing views of the road for the many small cars that share the highway.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas & New Year back home in Minnesota! As we were gone from Dec 23 until last Saturday, we were able to visit at a few places and enjoy spending time with family & friend's back home. While we were gone, my in-laws graciously agreed to watch our dog & feed the cat, and it was certainly nice not to have to think too much about the pets while we were away. In addition to not worrying about the pets, I forgot to take photos while we were out there (as photography is not my forte & we enjoyed our visits so much) and have a very limited selection of pictures of the trip... which I will not share as most are blurry, etc.

Anyway, some highlights...
*Watching the wonder and excitement in the faces of Mindy & Aaron's kids on Christmas morning
*Making a trip up North to visit my Grandma S. (and visiting a few other relatives while we were up there)
*Visiting with my family, friends, and other relatives
*Taking the scenic route back home, enjoying beautiful winter driving weather and views of the lake
*Making a trip to the Mega-mall for after Christmas sale shopping
*Enjoying the many parties around Christmas Eve, & Christmas day

Some lowlights...
*-29deg weather (not wind chill) noted while we were up North (although, it certainly helps to keep the *cold* winters in our area in perspective...)
*Ice storm & wonderful road conditions on the way to MN
*The puking/diarrhea virus making its way through Jen & Bill's house, my mom & dad's house, through me, and finally catching up with Pete 1/2 way home

All in all, it was a very good trip, but I am happy to be home with laundry caught up, Christmas decor packed away, dog recently bathed, and half way through my second book of the year (2009). Additionally, my sister, Courtney, arrived here on Saturday as well... and I have been enjoying her company and having her downstate (until the weekend).

May your 2009 be merry, healthy, and productive!