Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas & New Year back home in Minnesota! As we were gone from Dec 23 until last Saturday, we were able to visit at a few places and enjoy spending time with family & friend's back home. While we were gone, my in-laws graciously agreed to watch our dog & feed the cat, and it was certainly nice not to have to think too much about the pets while we were away. In addition to not worrying about the pets, I forgot to take photos while we were out there (as photography is not my forte & we enjoyed our visits so much) and have a very limited selection of pictures of the trip... which I will not share as most are blurry, etc.

Anyway, some highlights...
*Watching the wonder and excitement in the faces of Mindy & Aaron's kids on Christmas morning
*Making a trip up North to visit my Grandma S. (and visiting a few other relatives while we were up there)
*Visiting with my family, friends, and other relatives
*Taking the scenic route back home, enjoying beautiful winter driving weather and views of the lake
*Making a trip to the Mega-mall for after Christmas sale shopping
*Enjoying the many parties around Christmas Eve, & Christmas day

Some lowlights...
*-29deg weather (not wind chill) noted while we were up North (although, it certainly helps to keep the *cold* winters in our area in perspective...)
*Ice storm & wonderful road conditions on the way to MN
*The puking/diarrhea virus making its way through Jen & Bill's house, my mom & dad's house, through me, and finally catching up with Pete 1/2 way home

All in all, it was a very good trip, but I am happy to be home with laundry caught up, Christmas decor packed away, dog recently bathed, and half way through my second book of the year (2009). Additionally, my sister, Courtney, arrived here on Saturday as well... and I have been enjoying her company and having her downstate (until the weekend).

May your 2009 be merry, healthy, and productive!



Cheryl said...

I visited with your Grandma S, and she was so excited that you visited her, she really enjoyed it. She is such a sweetheart!
Cheryl Haverinen Johnson

Pete/Heidi said...

She is such a sweetheart! We had a great visit with her, and are certainly lucky to call her gramma! Heidi