Monday, January 26, 2009

Life, in general

A two minute blurb... about life, in general.

It seems that last year ended with the expectation that this year would be similar... same jobs, same house, same dog, etc. as last year. Pete and I are at a fairly stable point in our life, and there was really nothing to indicate that, aside from new anniversaries, etc. life will be much different this year.

However, than the new year rolled around. I am now studying ~3+ days a week to take an admissions test for Grad school. Pete came home the other evening inquiring how I would feel about a *potential* temporary 3-12 month relocation to Korea for sometime later this year. [For the record: I would welcome the opportunity.] And... we no longer have any cats. It seems that life is subject to change at any moment; it certainly keeps us from being bored!


Sharyn said...

wow! Now that would be fascinating!

MindiJo said...

Well, that'll keep things interesting! Would you also go to Korea? Or suffer through?

Maria said...

You never know where life will lead!
I hope you're enjoying studying...I think Korea would be awesome for you guys, such an experience :)

Karen AMH said...

Wow ~ Korea! That would be quite the adventure. Good luck with the Grad school stuff -- you can do it!

Pete/Heidi said...

We will see where the Korea project at Pete's work leads in the upcoming months-- moving there in the upcoming months is just a possibility. However, a real one... I guess surprises are what make life intersting and this would certainly be a good experience for us... We wait for further information! :)

Amy L said...

Well, now when would we ever see you!! ;) Good thing for the internet, it sure makes living away so much easier. That sounds like something you would totally enjoy.
Grad school... good for you. What test, the GRE or one more specific for the university?