Sunday, August 29, 2010

White Coat Ceremony

Tonight marked the end of orientation... My classes white coat ceremony was held tonight in Grand Rapids. School begins bright and early tomorrow.

The white coat ceremony is a ceremony to mark the beginning of the pre-clinical years (i.e. the first 2 years of medical school, before a medical student starts to regularly see patients) and to remind students of their obligation to care for patients (and not just to treat them). The dean and others in the college spoke, our class walked across the stage and were coated individually by members of the faculty and alumni of the college, we recited the matriculating student oath, sat through a few parting words... and then off to be hugged and congratulated by our family and friends.

This is a picture of Pete and myself immediately following the ceremony. As you can see, this is a happy occasion. I was honored to have not only my husband, but my parents, in laws, both sets of Pete's grandparents, and Kate and Kent at the ceremony. All in all, about 1800 people were present to support the 200 people starting medical school this fall.

Well, now off to sleep... school starts bright and early tomorrow morning.

Eta... It was fun to see my folks this weekend. We spent yesterday and this morning with them. A quick weekend. Spent playing rook, chatting, and making sure I had the necessary things for my ceremony today. The weekend went by so quick!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Projects Pictures

In the last few weeks, we have been able to get a few projects done... It feels good to have been able to get a few projects completed in the space between medical school acceptance and the start of orientation. It somehow makes my home feel more in order, and settled.

Trim has been stripped, primed and repainted.

Curtains have been hung in the living room.

The curtains that I made for the bedroom have been hung up. This is the shade all the way up (looks like a valence... but don't look too closely).

And the curtain down for the night. (Again, do not look closely... my sewing technique leaves much to be desired.)

And Hondo now has a new hiding spot (thanks to my new desk). Hondo follows me around when I am home, and likes to be within a few feet of me (quite literally). Especially when Pete is gone, I find this little quirk quite comforting.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Med School (orientation) has started

Saturday marked the beginning of my medical school career. It was the first day of orientation, and a very busy day at that... The day was fun, and I met many wonderful and unique people. There is certainly much diversity in my class -- I am looking forward to getting to know my classmates (in addition to the course material).

But anyways, would you have expected the first day of orientation to be tag, a few puzzles, and a game called four-feet (get 4 people from point A-> B using only 4 feet, then 3 feet, then 2 feet... etc.)? Well, it was. I can not remember the last time I have done any of the aforementioned activities (with exception of making a puzzle last winter) in the last decade or so. Evidently, the first day of med school is a lot like an grade school birthday party (without the cake and ice cream)! :)

Tomorrow, starts the first full week of orientation -- many lectures on professionalism, debt management, etc. Wednesday afternoon is devoted to a community service activity, and Thursday afternoon I have my first test (CPR skills test). Friday afternoon, I get my remaining school supplies and meet the second year students. And then, Saturday... my mom and dad come into town... For Sunday's white coat ceremony.

And then... school starts promptly at 8:00 AM on Monday, August 30th. Should be a fun adventure.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Misc. Ramblings (Aren't they all?)

Pete and I returned home on Tuesday after a lovely, long weekend in the U.P. -- our 1st time returning to the shores of Lake Superior as a couple to vacation since Pete graduated from Tech. We had a wonderful time -- enjoying the sand, waves, sun, and visiting with friends & family. When you don't return to an area for a few years, it is easy to see the passing of time. Since we left, everybody is doing something or is located somewhere else. It's amazing. But, it was so fun to catch up with everyone! We will have to make it back more often than once every 4 years going forward! :)

Tomorrow, I start my last week of work. I think this is the first time I have ever written about work on this blog. Although I am excited to start this next phase (school and new career), and in many ways I wish the second week of school were here already; it feels odd to be saying good-bye to my current job. I will miss the people, and many aspects of my current job. I have enjoyed working in clinical research for the last 6 or so years; perhaps, I will have the opportunity to work with clinical trials again in the future.

Pete returns to Ohio tomorrow. We were spoiled this week -- following our mini-vacation to the U.P., Pete was able to be home. It felt nice to have him around in the evenings. I have been told to expect his weekday absence through October.

Well, wish you all the best in your day.