Sunday, August 8, 2010

Misc. Ramblings (Aren't they all?)

Pete and I returned home on Tuesday after a lovely, long weekend in the U.P. -- our 1st time returning to the shores of Lake Superior as a couple to vacation since Pete graduated from Tech. We had a wonderful time -- enjoying the sand, waves, sun, and visiting with friends & family. When you don't return to an area for a few years, it is easy to see the passing of time. Since we left, everybody is doing something or is located somewhere else. It's amazing. But, it was so fun to catch up with everyone! We will have to make it back more often than once every 4 years going forward! :)

Tomorrow, I start my last week of work. I think this is the first time I have ever written about work on this blog. Although I am excited to start this next phase (school and new career), and in many ways I wish the second week of school were here already; it feels odd to be saying good-bye to my current job. I will miss the people, and many aspects of my current job. I have enjoyed working in clinical research for the last 6 or so years; perhaps, I will have the opportunity to work with clinical trials again in the future.

Pete returns to Ohio tomorrow. We were spoiled this week -- following our mini-vacation to the U.P., Pete was able to be home. It felt nice to have him around in the evenings. I have been told to expect his weekday absence through October.

Well, wish you all the best in your day.


Julie said...

Hi. :) I bumped into your mom on the beach in Michigan. We had a short vacation up there too- it goes by way too fast, hey?

Good luck with your schooling! Your current job sounds so interesting.

Amanda Kay said...

I got your message a day late to visit at the camp. We were camping with my parents that weekend. Would have loved to have seen you guys! (And I can't believe you haven't been up here in that many years!!!) Enjoy your last few days before school starts!