Sunday, July 18, 2010

Books, books, and more books

Yesterday, I was able to sign up for classes, and received my books/supplies list. It feels good to move toward my next adventure, and know a bit more about how the fall semester will be. And busy, it will be. Next semester, I have exams every week but 2. I have a 1.5 page book list in small font. I have a 3 page equipment list, most to be used starting the second semester. I have 4 chapters of assigned reading due the third day of school for 1 of my 6 or 7 courses this semester. I have enrolled in 19 credit hours. It will be busy. But, many people go through medical school each year, so it is not an unbearable load for majority of those who make it through the intense application process.

I am still excited to be starting school. Becoming both more and less nervous with each passing day. Knowing my courses/books/supplies/etc. is helpful. Having met one of my younger future classmates also was helpful. However, until I actually start... I will not know what school is actually like, and will not know the majority of my future classmates. Orientation begins in 33 days... and counting.


Jan said...

ohhh, exciting! I loved college- books, learning, etc. Just the smell of it!

Pete/Heidi said...

So did I! :) Now, I get to go back and start it all over again! Fun to start planning this next adventure!

BTW I loved reading about your homeschooling this past year. What a fun adventure for your fam!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Fun to catch up on the blog, I love your office it looks so nice! Counting down...You are going to do great in school! Hi to Pete too. Love Mindy