Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It's nice to have family around... This past weekend we were visited by Kara, Matt & kids, and Brad & Larissa after the Flying Finns game Saturday. It was so fun to see my family from Minnesota! The kids enjoyed playing with the dog, which kept everyone entertained! :) Then last night, Gordon & Marilyn, Ed (& Michelle), and the L'**per*nce came over to see the project, we call home. It's been fun to visit with everyone, and show off the progress we have made since buying our home! Thanks for visiting! (And come again)


Our property is being destroyed! :) Now that I have the 2 people who read this blog's attention:

I came home from work Monday and found I no longer had the collapsing relic, known as the chicken coop! It's amazing how much better (and larger, and more usable) our yard looks without the crumbling shed on a pile of rocks and cement slab!

Then, I came home from work yesterday to find the barn had become a pile of oversized toothpicks... I was sad to see the barn in this condition but, logically I know that it had to come down. A main beam had cracked over the winter and the structure was in danger of collapsing at any minute, a verifiable safety concern... We saved a few of the non-painted, non-treated slivers of wood for kindling to use this winter. Otherwise, there was no usable wood in the pile that was the barn... I imagine that today I will come home to find a dirt patch where the barn stood for 180 years... until yesterday. Someone else in Livingston county now holds the prestige of having the oldest barn (in the county)...

Monday, April 28, 2008


Pete and I were rink rats this past weekend as expected. The days long and games fun to watch. I think we were there long enough to be considered "super-fans". The Flying Finns won at least 3 of the Divisions!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Golden Birthday

Thank you for all the birthday wishes via phone, facebook, this blog, email, etc. ! :) Pete and I went to Olive Garden for dinner last night (and he hates tomatoes... so it was a big treat!), then went to Kensington. It was a relaxing golden birthday, but very enjoyable!

Car Situation Updated

We bought our "fun" car to replace the smushed Taurus-- a 2006 Pontiac G6 GT (hard top) Convertible... silver in color. It has been fun to drive; the weather has been around 75 and sunny, the top's down. As we looked for a vehicle this time and debated the merits of various cars, it took much more effort to purchase this car than prior vehicles. However, I am anxiously anticipating the the long car ride(s) to the UP this summer (especially if the weather cooperates)!

This weekend is the Flying Finns Tourney (and Pete has hockey tonight). I am looking forward to a weekend of quality rink time! It is fun to watch the hockey games of all levels & there are so many people we know in town for the tourney! Go Finns (and Ankle Benders)!

Happy Birthday Isabel!

Happy Birthday Isabel! My little neice is 2 today! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Anne!

Happy 23rd Birthday Anne! Today is her birthday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eventful Weekend

Okay... so, the laptop has fizzled... so, sorry no photo updates, but life has been quite eventful!

Let's start Friday. 5:30 AM. I swear that I felt the earthquake aftershocks. I am a light sleeper, and thought that I was going somewhat crazy (or that our house was being moved by a big wind) when I was laying in bed at 5:30 AM and saw the walls quivering. Later that day, I found out that I was promoted to "Mentor" in my department... so, good news right?!?! To continue on with the strange day, Pete called at 4:41 PM with the following phrase that made my heart drop "I was in an accident.". After verifying that he was not injured, it became apparent that 1) the car is (likely) totaled as the airbag was deployed, and 2) it was the other guy's fault. Evidently the other guy turned into oncoming traffic in the left turn lane without looking and hit Pete; the other guy got a ticket; the other guy did not total his car. So, then hockey started that evening--Pete played, but I was without a vehicle.

Saturday it was about 80 degrees, so we cleaned the yard with (brother) Matt's help. It's amazing how much better the yard looks without ~1400 gals. of leaves, twigs, and pine needles! We also decided a few things, 1) the barn is coming down. It is no longer safe to keep up-- the second main beam has cracked. 2) We might just get a fun car next--we have been married 3 years, and need a car to commute to work and back. We might just get a convertible or little sportscar to make the commute fun, and the weekend trips more interesting. But... we shall see...

I love all the comments! Have a great week everybody!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Michelle's in Town

Michelle has arrived in Michigan! Ed's fiancee is living with us once again this spring as she continues her rotations to get her degree! Welcome Michelle!

Trip to MN

The trip back home was a quick one... We had little traffic through Chicago either direction (so we were very lucky)! We arrived about 2PM Friday to the aroma of fresh baked carmel rolls, blueberry muffins, and a large spread of great food. It's nice to know we are wanted in MN! All of my siblings (and associated spouse/child) were at my parent's. It was so fun to see them all! I was amazed to find little Jaedon climbing couch cushions! That evening we went to Matt and Kara's for a delicious dinner of lasanga, salad, cheezy bread, delicious dessert, and great company...
On Saturday, Mindy and kids came over for breakfast. It was still winter in MN, and so there was fresh white stuff and Aaron couldn't make it. It's amazing how quickly kids grow! Harvey's walking, and all the kids are getting big! Then the girls went shopping, I didn't get anything because we had limited space in the truck cabin, but I did get some great house decorating ideas... That night my family just hung out at my parent's after a wonderful dinner of pork chops, and a wide array of sides... They had a surprise birthday for me that night, which touched me to the point of tears! It has been many years since I have celebrated a birthday at home!
It was a quick, quick trip as we left at 9 AM on Sunday morning... And made it back to our house (after picking up the pooch--Thanks to family in Michigan!) at 10 PM. Despite the trip's brevity, i felt great to get back home to see the family, and pick up special bedroom set made by my grandpa (and dad).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Going to Minnesota

Pete and I are coming to Minnesota! I am so excited!
Last weekend, I had been describing my yearning for a long car trip, because it has been "too long". I miss napping in the passenger seat, seeing long ribbons of highway, quick stops at the gas station and rest areas, and the simple relaxation that a long car ride brings.
So, yesterday he surprised me... told me to take a day off... and now I know why... I am coming home ! :)