Friday, April 18, 2008

Trip to MN

The trip back home was a quick one... We had little traffic through Chicago either direction (so we were very lucky)! We arrived about 2PM Friday to the aroma of fresh baked carmel rolls, blueberry muffins, and a large spread of great food. It's nice to know we are wanted in MN! All of my siblings (and associated spouse/child) were at my parent's. It was so fun to see them all! I was amazed to find little Jaedon climbing couch cushions! That evening we went to Matt and Kara's for a delicious dinner of lasanga, salad, cheezy bread, delicious dessert, and great company...
On Saturday, Mindy and kids came over for breakfast. It was still winter in MN, and so there was fresh white stuff and Aaron couldn't make it. It's amazing how quickly kids grow! Harvey's walking, and all the kids are getting big! Then the girls went shopping, I didn't get anything because we had limited space in the truck cabin, but I did get some great house decorating ideas... That night my family just hung out at my parent's after a wonderful dinner of pork chops, and a wide array of sides... They had a surprise birthday for me that night, which touched me to the point of tears! It has been many years since I have celebrated a birthday at home!
It was a quick, quick trip as we left at 9 AM on Sunday morning... And made it back to our house (after picking up the pooch--Thanks to family in Michigan!) at 10 PM. Despite the trip's brevity, i felt great to get back home to see the family, and pick up special bedroom set made by my grandpa (and dad).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!

larissa said...

im so jealous you got to go home!! sounds like you had lots of fun! :)