Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Going to Minnesota

Pete and I are coming to Minnesota! I am so excited!
Last weekend, I had been describing my yearning for a long car trip, because it has been "too long". I miss napping in the passenger seat, seeing long ribbons of highway, quick stops at the gas station and rest areas, and the simple relaxation that a long car ride brings.
So, yesterday he surprised me... told me to take a day off... and now I know why... I am coming home ! :)


larissa said...

hi guys! nice blog and pictures, its cool to see the before and after shots - i had kind of forgotten what it looked like before. what a huge nice change!

i like the paragraph at the top - it made me laugh! :)

Katie said...

Hi! Just found your blog. Looks like fun- I've always wanted to buy an old house and fix it up.

Yvonne ~ A Fighting Optimist said...

Well welcome there ladyjane!
Beautiful work on your house! What fun to be able to see this.

Amy said...

And so how was the trip?