Friday, April 25, 2008

Car Situation Updated

We bought our "fun" car to replace the smushed Taurus-- a 2006 Pontiac G6 GT (hard top) Convertible... silver in color. It has been fun to drive; the weather has been around 75 and sunny, the top's down. As we looked for a vehicle this time and debated the merits of various cars, it took much more effort to purchase this car than prior vehicles. However, I am anxiously anticipating the the long car ride(s) to the UP this summer (especially if the weather cooperates)!

This weekend is the Flying Finns Tourney (and Pete has hockey tonight). I am looking forward to a weekend of quality rink time! It is fun to watch the hockey games of all levels & there are so many people we know in town for the tourney! Go Finns (and Ankle Benders)!


Larissa said...

ankle benders...couldnt they have thought of a different name that is easier and not so embarrasing to cheer for?!?! and its not like we can cheer for the color of their jerseys cuz its teal and thats kind of akward to yell too! :)

sounds like a fun car to drive, my m & f in-law just got one of those - with a hard top that stays put.

we might see you guys at the flying finns games! we went last year and they were fun.


Maria said...

Sounds like an awesome new car!!! Perfect time to get a convertible, right when the weather is getting warm :)
Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

Hi Heidi, first time on your blog. We've had a hardtop G-6 conv. for a year now. My hubby loves it. The only problem is now we have a third kid so no more family rides. I guess that just means we will have to get a baby sitter more often so we can go cruising.

Have fun with the top down!