Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Last few weeks of summer vacation

Yesterday, I began orientation for residency. The transition from being relatively "free" to working once again, got me thinking about the remainder of my brief and busy summer vacation.

After my last post, I was able visit both families in far away states, and spent the 4 days between the two trips crazy busy with errands and becoming legal residents of our new location!

The drive to visit my family was surprisingly beautiful, making the drive pretty easy. I spent Tuesday through Friday after Memorial Day there, and was able to see both of my sister's homes, the nieces and nephews that live there, my immediate family, and our extended families. It felt great to visit everyone.

Wednesday through Saturday of last week we were visiting Pete's family. It was a very enjoyable couple days, complete with lots of visiting both friends and family, having the opportunity to help with some of his sister's graduation things, and was productive time for Pete at work as well. We ended up coming home on Saturday because the weather started to look rainy/bad on forecast for Sunday (and we were moving many soft things back here in the back of an open pick-up truck), and in part because I needed to get back.

We spent Sunday unpacking a load of things from the truck, and taking care of many little things that needed to be done before beginning orientation. I started to worry about finding my work clothes and glasses because they were not easy to locate in the boxes we had taken back from Michigan... With a big sigh of relief, we located located these items late Sunday night intermixed in the recently moved boxes, as well as boxes that had been storing other items at our house! I was beginning to get nervous that I was going to have to show up my first day in shorts and a tee-shirt (so glad that this was not the case)!

Sorry for the paucity of pictures, I was enjoying my time visiting over the final weeks of break! Hope all of you are enjoying your Summer breaks! :) I apologize in advance, but life in the next couple weeks is going to again get crazy busy! Take care!