Friday, February 29, 2008

Starting the Blog

This is Heidi's house complete with a bat cave up in the top. What would the allure of an old house be without bats in the belfry?

Current Progress to date:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After: Remove Wallpaper, Repaint, Refinish floor, Pain Laundry room, Paint Pantry: Build Shelves in Pantry, Refinish Counter.

Living & Dining Room Before:

After: Mostly just a lot of painting

Downstairs Bath Before:

After: Completely gutted and re-plumbed to have Sink and Toilet instead of Toilet and Shower.

Main Bedroom Before:

Main Bedroom After: Wall Repairs, Floor Refinished, Wallpaper removal, Paint.

Garage Before:

Garage After: 4 dump runs with all last owners garbage that they left for us. Installed new garage door openers, and build some shelves.

So far that's the main projects that we have finished since we moved in.