Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What does one year of med school curriculum look like?

Getting that I am almost done with the first year and am starting to study for finals/put away books and re-organize the bookshelf... I decided to weigh the material sitting on my bookshelf.

About ~140 lbs.

Note: This is just the text books, coursepacks... and does not count the many volumes of notes that were taken independent of this stack of books, or the stacks of notecards I use to memorize things. Also, does not include the clinical skills supplies or anatomy lab supplies.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few misc. updates on our life.

Pete really does have a new hobby. The other day he came home with a Student Pilot Certificate ~ he is officially registered with the FAA and is now working towards getting his pilots license. He has really been enjoying this hobby ~ coming home and telling me about how much he enjoys flying and the freedom it brings... and all about the new skills he is learning. At his lesson this past week, he was able to land the plane by himself. I was able to go up with him (along with a real pilot) about a week ago; it was fun to be in the air. It certainly is different than flying commercial! :)

I am almost done with my first year of school ~ looking forward to June 30th (my last exam), and a few weeks of freedom. Plan to spend a week up North, and no other definite plans yet. :)