Saturday, February 27, 2010


February certainly flew by...

This month we have made progress on our home -- Pete finished wiring the second floor. With more outlets on the second floor, I have been able to set up a sewing area. And, I have started to make curtains for our bedroom. I have completed 1.75 curtains for our bedroom & am fairly pleased with the way the curtains have turned out -- especially with how they block out sunlight in the morning! I will post pictures when I get all 3 curtains finished.

Pete just returned today from Washington state. He had been there this past week for work. Fortunately, he and his co-worker finished up their project a day earlier, and were able to head up to Vancouver for a day to enjoy the Winter Olympics.
Pete in front of the Olympic flame.

Waiting in line to get into the curling arena -- notice that its through a residential area of town...

Next picture -- China wins the bronze in Women's curling!
Pete with the Finnish bobsled team.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

It's absolutely beautiful today...

There's about 10" of fresh snow on the ground, and as I am stuck at my house (until I get plowed out)... today feels like time has stopped. Granted I have been working on things from home. And granted I have been getting other things done (unpacking from recent trip to Scottsdale, laundry, etc.). It feels cozy -- like the world has been wrapped in a white fleecy blanket. How lovely.
I went to Scottsdale over the weekend for work. It felt completely amazing to see bright sunshine and feel 70 degree weather (remember short sleeves anyone?). I also had an opportunity while I was there to see an old friend, Emily. It was wonderful to catch up with her -- I have not seen her since college. Funny how time can pass so quickly by!

I used to dread going out of town for these meetings -- I think I have rather come to enjoy it. Perhaps, its because Pete's not travelling as much that these short trips are enjoyable. Or perhaps, I have become more comfortable with venturing out on my own. Maybe, its both. Whatever it is... sometimes spending a few days away can be refreshing.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hectic to less harried

I made the decision to quit the play. There is a fine line between busy and crazy, so I quit.

Although I miss acting, really enjoyed being on stage again (first time in a decade!), and met some wonderful people... I am glad that I made the decision to quit. The schedule for rehearsals was becoming increasingly demanding. Late last week, I found out that I am going to Scottsdale, AZ this weekend for a work meeting (with accompanying increase in work due to being out of the office). Additional hockey games were added into my hockey schedule on Sunday. And Pete & I are trying to finish up a few house projects (Pete: wiring, me: getting up the enthusiasm to set up a sewing area to make curtains). It was simply becoming too much. So, I quit. I needed sleep more than something to do in the evenings.

Happy winter!