Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

It's absolutely beautiful today...

There's about 10" of fresh snow on the ground, and as I am stuck at my house (until I get plowed out)... today feels like time has stopped. Granted I have been working on things from home. And granted I have been getting other things done (unpacking from recent trip to Scottsdale, laundry, etc.). It feels cozy -- like the world has been wrapped in a white fleecy blanket. How lovely.
I went to Scottsdale over the weekend for work. It felt completely amazing to see bright sunshine and feel 70 degree weather (remember short sleeves anyone?). I also had an opportunity while I was there to see an old friend, Emily. It was wonderful to catch up with her -- I have not seen her since college. Funny how time can pass so quickly by!

I used to dread going out of town for these meetings -- I think I have rather come to enjoy it. Perhaps, its because Pete's not travelling as much that these short trips are enjoyable. Or perhaps, I have become more comfortable with venturing out on my own. Maybe, its both. Whatever it is... sometimes spending a few days away can be refreshing.

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Maria said...

70 degrees sounds wonderful! What a nice quick break from winter :) Glad to hear you had a good trip!
Enjoy the beautiful snow there!