Monday, July 12, 2010

It is crazy how quickly the summer is going... Already about 1/2 over, and soon Pete & I will begin our next adventure. Getting me to finish medical school -- 40 days until I begin orientation to be exact. 24 days left of work. (Not that I am counting or anything)

Since my last post, Pete & I had the pleasure of camping at Warren Dunes on Lake Michigan for 4th of July weekend with my family & our friends. We had a great time -- lots of time in the water and visiting. Highly suggest this park, although perhaps on a less busy weekend (the park was packed).

On July 5th, Pete packed his bags... he will be gone during the week for about the next 10 weeks, and home on the weekends. We decided that this arrangement is really not that bad. During the week, we both keep busy anyway... however, I do miss him by Friday and it is still nice to see him.

As our free weekends are numbered (we do not know what to expect once school starts), we have been chipping away at house projects.
*I am trying to find/make the remaining curtains needed for the main level & upstairs bathroom. I have a bit more confidence in my sewing skills since I finished our bedroom curtains (which if you see them, do not look close - the sewing is obviously not straight) which work to block out the early AM sunshine.
*Pete is getting the trim painted.
*We are going to be cleaning up some dead trees in the front lawn.

Hopefully, we can accomplish these projects during the next 6 weekends. Take care & enjoy the sun!


Anonymous said...

Heidi- Congrats on Med School! That will be quite the adventure! I want to come and see your house someday, it sounds so charming! Sounds like you and Pete are keeping busy! Summer is such a fun time! ~Katie L

Pete/Heidi said...

Thank you!

Yvonne said...

like the new look!