Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Projects Pictures

In the last few weeks, we have been able to get a few projects done... It feels good to have been able to get a few projects completed in the space between medical school acceptance and the start of orientation. It somehow makes my home feel more in order, and settled.

Trim has been stripped, primed and repainted.

Curtains have been hung in the living room.

The curtains that I made for the bedroom have been hung up. This is the shade all the way up (looks like a valence... but don't look too closely).

And the curtain down for the night. (Again, do not look closely... my sewing technique leaves much to be desired.)

And Hondo now has a new hiding spot (thanks to my new desk). Hondo follows me around when I am home, and likes to be within a few feet of me (quite literally). Especially when Pete is gone, I find this little quirk quite comforting.

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Laura said...

Hondo looks cozy :)