Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brrr... It's cold outside

Brrr... It's cold outside.

I woke up this morning absolutely freezing... our house a balmy 52 degrees. I thought that perhaps we had forgot to turn the furnace on overnight (we generally use our wood stove in the evenings and turn the furnace fan on to heat the house to a comfortable 67 degrees). However, this was not the case...

The house continued to cool steadily throughout the day... When Pete and I returned from work, our house was a shiver inducing 40 degrees. The cause of the cold: the motor on the exhaust of our furnace wore out... so the furnace is out of order at this time. Pete has ordered the part, and we should have heat by the weekend.

As I sit, huddled in blankets and intermittently thawing by the fire, typing this... I am thankful for 2 things: 1) I am glad this part wore out now, instead of next week (as we plan to be gone for several days), and 2) I am thankful for our wood stove. Somehow the cold, winter outisde temperatures seem cooler, when our house is not cozy and warm.

Keep warm. Happy Winter!


Amy L said...

Oh shoot. Well, at least you have the wood stove. We are relying on ours a lot right now too. Our boiler works, but the wood heat is so much cheaper, and it usually keeps the boiler from running in the main parts of the house.

Megan Lorraine said...

this reminds me of when we lived in our house up north. We heated with feul oil, and there were many a mornings where we found out the hard way that we'd run out of feul oil sometime in the night. It always seemed to happen on the weekend too. I too though was thankful for wood heat. We had a little wood stove in the kitchen. There is something so cozy about a wood fire.

Juliana said...

What an adventure! It brought up a memory for me. A couple of winters ago, out of the blue, our furnase quit. We figured out at about 11 at night when the house seemed to be getting cooler and cooler. The plumber/heating man couldn't come till morning. We decided just to sleep under A LOT of blankets. I don't think I slept much. Chels was only 2 mo. old. Course all 3 kiddos ended up w/ us and in snowsuits the next day. I am so glad we have a woodstove for if that ever happens again. We've actually only been using the furnase about 1 day a month, if we are gone out for the day. Our house is pretty small, so it heats the whole thing. I am just Loving the coziness...doesn't it make Winter so fun?