Monday, March 19, 2012

Interrupting the regularly scheduling program... Pete got his plane

Pete got his plane today! Kind of exciting news for the two of us! It is housed at the airport (in a hanger). I imagine that we will be spending some time here -- enjoying the outdoors, watching planes take off, and also taking off ourselves to explore the skies!

This makes many places all that much closer -- and with seats that are nice and cushy, and an interior wide enough for both of us to have elbow room... I really am looking forward to flying with him!


Gram said...

Oh, soo exciting for you both!! I'd much rather fly in the 150's than big commercial. Now you can go see your family every weekend.

Carol said...

Exciting! Definitely worth an interruption.

MOM said...

Flying the Friendly Skies :)

Yvonne said...

pure awesomeness!!
congrats Pete!!

Pete/Heidi said...

Thanks all! Looking forward to spending many nice evenings in the air and making short weekend trips places! :) Went out last night and the plane flies great!