Friday, March 23, 2012

30 Day Photo Challlenge: Day 23

As last night was rainy, I did not get a picture of the sunset... and since tonight does not look promising, I figured I would take a trip through the picture archives...
Sunset over Lake Michigan - D family camping. Probably my best picture of the sun slipping slowly beneath the horizon. No matter where you are... sunset is a beautiful event, and I don't think I have seen 2 that look identical yet! :)
Sunset over canals in Venice, Italy. This was probably one of the most picturesque places I have ever been. The buildings are old -- much older than buildings in the US, and the multitude of bridges and crazy sidewalks keeps navigating around the place interesting. Motorized travel around Venice is by boat and you get to feed the birds! Fun place to visit!
Sunset over Beijing, China. We were in Beijing about 2 weeks before the 2008 Summer Olympics. The weather there was warm and muggy (so the sunset is not so brilliant). Really neat to watch the Bird's Nest (pictured above), and other places in the city ready themselves for the games and foreign tourists. I would go back to China in a heartbeat to visit -- great food, nice people, and we were able to find enough people who spoke English making travel about the country relatively easy.

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Gram said...

Love that first sunset (MI)- but really enjoyed your share on travel.