Thursday, March 15, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 15

My shoes. Comfortable. Well worn. Water proof -- never had wet socks in them despite frequent walking through snow and the occasional puddle. Insulated and warm. I only wish they were a bit less slippery on ice, and perhaps a bit dressier. I wear these about every day in the cooler months. Since it is getting warmer now... its almost time to put them away and take out the more breathable tennis shoes.

Although I require my shoes to first and foremost must be comfortable, and I would not mind walking miles in my dress shoes... its hard to beat the worn-in feel of a still supportive pair of tennis. I am going to miss wearing these daily next year.

Cute pie made by my sister-in-law Michelle! Perfect for pie day (and very tasty too)!
Last night we went and celebrated Pi day with my in-laws, Ed & Michelle and the boys, and the K and L grandparents. Such a fun, quirky holiday to celebrate that lets the inner-nerd of the guys shine. Lots of pie, fun conversation, and even got a sauna in out of the deal. The above pie was made by my sister-in-law, Michelle (photo taken by her as well) ~ so very perfect for pi(e) day! :)


Carol said...

Those are mighty comfy looking shoes!

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Laura L said...

Glad we could all be together