Sunday, March 11, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 7-11

As I was out of town last week, I am playing a bit of "catch-up" with the 30 day photo challenge. After today's post, I should be right back on track! :) 
Day 7: Something new: picked up this cute ceramic travel coffee mug while I was in Minnesota. It was a birthday gift for me (birthday is not for a few weeks, but I will not see my family between now and then). I have been getting a lot of use out of it, and it will be wonderful for bringing coffee with me to school in the morning. Up until now, I have been trying to fit coffee mugs in the cup holders... and usually end up spilling some coffee as the mugs do not fit. 

Day 8: Technology. Anyone who knows my husband, knows that he likes is electronics and computers... so I figured I needed to add a picture of that. However, currently I am trying to master the decidedly more low technology items of a stethascope, blood pressure cuff, flashlight, and opthalmoscope (thing used to look at the back of the eyes). 

Day 9: Faceless self-portrait. This one was hard to pull off. This is me studying -- my shadow can be seen in my computer and fingers on the keyboard. I just wear my wedding band. I stopped wearing the engagement ring when I took anatomy and probably won't wear it again as its nice not  to worry about the raised diamond scratching anyone.
Day 10: Something I made. I made the RESPECT picture as a project for a med school class -- I actually really like it, and have kept it... The R is from "Romans" in the Bible, the E is my stethascope overlying a novel, the S is my watch, P is from a glass figurine we got at the Great Wall of China, E is my books/coursepacks, C is a leaf pile, and T was made out of medications (Advil, Tylenol, etc.).

However, photography has not ever really been what I have done as a hobby-- I used to paint. I like the mixing of colors, and slowly creating of a representation of something seen in my mind. While I can't find some of the other things I have painted, this tree has been on our walls for a while. It was never finished... but I like the twisted trunk and color variation in the leaves.

Day 11 -- Today: Something fun. I have a book of things that I paint, pictures I have taken, random memorabilia, my list of 50 things to do before I die, and quotes. This book to me is fun to look through and add stuff to when I have the random scrap or quote I would like to save.
  • It has my collection of tree pictures -- I like the green of the leaves, twisted bark, and permanence of old trees. 
  • It holds a collection of eye cut outs -- I think eyes are quite beautiful, expressive, and fascinating. Eyes have this wonderful variation of color and no two are exactly alike -- how wonderful is that! 
  • It contains the random things I have won at fairs -- horoscopes, etc. These to me are just for fun.
  • And it has lots of doodles, random pics, etc. 


Gram said...

Amazing post, Heidi. You are brilliant in both your academics (I know that from Jenna) AND creativeness. (applauding here)

Pete/Heidi said...

Well, thank you. I am never sure about my art and it took me a bit before I decided to put it on the blog. :)