Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge - Catch Up, Days 25&26

About a week ago -- I had a killer exam, a 3-hour test on everything I need to know about the cardiovascular system to do well on boards and get me started next year when I am in the hospital. For me, this was probably my most difficult exam of the year -- both because I studied less for it/had more of a life during this domain and there was a lot of content. Most of the content was of the teach yourself variety as the school is trying to push us towards figuring out what we need to learn, rather than spoon feeding us material in the form of lectures... because once we get into the clinics it will be up to us to review/learn in order to best serve our patients. But, I did well on the test and can now move on to the next subject: metabolic, endocrine and reproductive disorders.

I feel like I am still in some sort of fog and recovering from this test, and so I have not posted pictures. That being said, this week was pretty busy: Monday evening I went to a shower & visited friends (a very rare treat!), Tuesday night I went to my sister-in-law's soccer game and had dinner with family, Wednesday I spent cleaning the apartment & doing laundry so it looks a little less like a college bachelor pad, and Thursday until now...  I spent in yoga pants and long-sleeved T reading up on women's hormones...  BTW -- it is so amazing that we are all here. How can one not marvel at the miracle of life!

Day 25 - Sunflare - Last Sunday's beautiful weather!
Day 26: Something old. Pete and I picked up a bin (I think 31) of these old books from the 40's for $5 at a garage sale for the day when we build - built-in bookshelves in the recesses next to the fireplace.
I will post the rest of the pictures later. Until then, take care!


Carol said...

Great looking books you found for your shelves!

Yvonne said...

it was fun Heidi and thanks for playing along. good luck with your studies.