Monday, August 4, 2008

Concerning the frazzled

Right now, my mind feels fried.

Pete and I have been enjoying a wonderful, fun, and full summer complete with trips out of town, family weddings, and friend's. However, right now, I would settle for a 3 day stretch to do laundry, clean the house, and go for a walk or run. [I am low on clothes to the point that I am raiding my winter clothes stock for work.] Tonight, Pete's finishing a project, and I've been studying material for work. I realize that the craziness in our lives is self-imposed; most of it relates to fun outings or work or hobbies... but, I would settle for a 3 day stretch of time to get "caught up" from the last month's vacations, and settle back into the rhythm of our life!

BTW: Pete and I both are going out of town again this month (separately). It seems travel is becoming a more frequent commodity as it relates to his job duties. Thankfully, this time out of town seems limited to a 4 day stretch for him, and 3 day stretch for me.... and both of us are expected to be in town for the 3 celebrations in the upcoming month [3 year anniversary, Labor Day, Pete's birthday]. Pete gets to use his passport to explore the wonders of industrial Mexico; I will remain slightly north of the border in San Diego.

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