Sunday, August 24, 2008


Once again, we had our "annual" bat in the house. This time it did not come through the 3rd floor windows, but through our bedroom floor. I noticed it at 2 am, when I was in a sleep-induced stupor, flying circles round our bedroom. We were able to find a piece of loose siding near our floor where the bat entered... The return of the bat seems to time well with Cleo's month-long absence, and the return of squirrels to the yard... so, yesterday's top priority was finding another kitten. We now have 'Cinder', a male long-haired black cat with a silvery glow. He is afraid of everything, especially Hondo. He hisses and spits at everything, and has been hiding in the fireplace and under furniture. We hope he becomes more friendly, and less afraid. In the meantime, we are still looking for a short-haired female kitten with a pleasant disposition, please let me know if you know of any in the downstate area.


Suz said...

Call Tony & Debbie! :) I know their cat had kittens, but I dont know how many are left.?!? Or Erik & Rebecca I heard.
Also, T & D just had bats in their house too.
My kids were AMAZED at your car today at church! ;) We were in the parking lot (in our car) & they started hollering LOOK AT THAT SWEET CAR!!! (when you rolled the top off) LOL How FUN!!

Anonymous said...

we have two 4 1/2 month old kittens and six that are only a few weeks old. they are outside kittens. We would LOVE for you to take one (or a few!)

~Rebecca P

Laura said...

Bats in the house, to bad they are not flying in the old ball park.