Saturday, May 3, 2014

Well, after a long hiatus,,, I figured I better come back to the world of blogging. As some of  you may, or may not know, Pete and I will soon be moving out of our apartment and into another old house in another state which we closed on yesterday! This one is considerably newer -- 100 years newer, in fact -- than the last house. But, an 86 year old house... is still an old house, and so I figured I could again blog from time to time on this site without feeling like the blog title was deceptive!

This house is in considerably better shape, with no projects at the present that "have" to be done... that being said, we have started a to-do list of projects that we would like done in the future. Most of the house has been really nicely re-done, and it will be an easy place to live. But like our other house... features in the bones of the house remind us of its age... the metal mail slot to the left of the main door, the plaster walls on the main level, knob and tube wiring evident in the attic (which appears to be disconnected from the main electrical supply to the house - not pictured below), old doors in the basement, an old ceramic laundry sink. Things that are still functional and perfectly useful, but remind us that the house is no spring chicken!

The interior all looks pretty similar to the picture of the living room below. Tastefully decorated, well maintained, nice and functional. The floors are predominantly hardwood on the main level. The rooms are cozy -- like the bathroom below, but should suit our lifestyle perfectly for the next 5 or so years while I do residency.

This is Amelia, our only dog at the present. She is about 10 months old, still definitely a puppy. 

I will post more pictures of the place in the future... but in the meantime, I'm back! :) This is the beginning to the next part of this adventure!


Sharyn said...

I'll be looking forward to more blog posts. I love the mail slot. We had one growing up, and as a kid I loved to watch those letters from cousins and pen pals falling right into the porch.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I like reading your blog! The medical stuff and the house stuff. Good luck with it all!
-Joanna R