Monday, May 12, 2014


This past weekend was graduation. After 4 years of studying, many examinations, and hours of patient care in the clinics and hospital carefully watched/guided/nurtured by caring and compassionate physician educators... there is now an MD following my name from here on out.

This was not a single person endeavor. It was something that took the love and support of my dear husband, our dogs, and family and friends. Without these other people and things in our lives, I would not have made it through intact, whole, and stronger/more resilient for this experience. So thank you all for this support and encouragement, because while I enjoyed the vast majority of this experience... there were times that were hard emotionally/mentally/physically, things that I had to miss, and times I just needed to just "feel human" for a couple hours and the coffee nights, saunas, attending church, etc really helped with that. So thank you all!

On that note...

My family arrived Thursday night -- even grandma came with my parents and 2 sisters! It was so fun to visit with everyone in our home, and have company this last weekend that we live in this apartment.

The party Friday night was so fun. Thank you to all that attended this graduation / going away shindig. It was nice to visit with everyone that was there. It was so nice that even some of my out of town family could come -- 2 of Pete's sister's from MN came with 2 of my nieces, and a sister came en route to home from a business trip despite some airport frustrations!

And Saturday... I don't know how quite to describe the feeling of walking into a crowded stadium with the people filled with those that myself and my classmates all love to celebrate the attainment of our new title of Doctor. I thought I had prepared for this experience -- felt that my excitement had peaked around the time my diploma came in the mail with the ceremony was mere formality and something I should attend/do. But, was I ever wrong. I think the ceremony made me realize that 1) finishing medical school was an accomplishment, and 2) I did earn my MD and should not feel bad/ashamed about using it. There was definitely a part that belittled the work that I put into getting this degree, and had a hard time as recognizing myself as one of "the doctor's" -- I think the ceremony served to make me realize that I truly have earned this degree and that have joined the ranks of the others that have earned this title that have gone before me. And even the speeches were meaningful and sweet... not verbose, fluffy addresses without any substance.

And Sunday, Mother's day was relatively quiet. Family left real early, we got a start on the packing/moving that will be going down this week, and were able to meet my in-laws for ice cream, coffee, sauna in the evening.

All in all, a very nice weekend! So happy to be done! :)


Carol Eskola said...

Congratulations Heidi!! Thanks so much for sharing your day here - I sure enjoyed the story and the pictures!

Kristy M said...

Congratulations Heidi and Pete!! Such an accomplishment! Best of luck in the future with your move and all!

Jan said...

Congratulations! You nailed that goal! that makes me sort of envious, not because I want to be a dr., but because you dared to set such a goal. You worked hard, and reached it...that's awesome. Enjoy the adventure to come.