Monday, May 26, 2014

Moving (continued)

Since my last post in Mid-May, I feel like a lot has been accomplished on behalf of Pete and myself.

We went back to our apartment on a Sunday, I was convinced that we could be moved out and moved into our house by Tuesday of that week, and had big plans for the remainder of the week (involving a circle tour to get to a graduation and a shower)... but I was wrong!

Pete helped me start with the packing on Sunday/Monday, and help figure out where the rest of our stuff was going to go... storage (at his mom & dad's), donation to some cause, trash, other. It was a big job. Then, he took off to St. Louis in his plane... taking advantage of nice flight conditions. I stuck around until Thursday of that week, and packed, allocated, and disposed of things with the help of my in-laws and cleaned my apartment. I headed back to our house on Thursday, and arrived Thursday evening to a whole bunch of projects completed! He had been so busy working while I was gone, and it showed! He had finished the living room closet and started to unpack (this is after I finished unpacking):

He had painted the guest bedroom an olive green (previously a really bright baby yellow color), assembled the bed my grandpa had made me as a teenager, purchased a mattress, and hauled in the accompanying desk (made by my grandpa) and bookshelf (made by my dad). This gave me the opportunity to unpack many of our books, and start assembling my little office area.

I ended up getting sheets for this bed (as we have not had a twin sized bed ever), and finding a chair for myself on good sales over this weekend! :) Always fun to find good deals!

He had also purchased a mattress for our room, and bedframe with built in dresser. Due to the size of the room, we can no longer use a king sized mattress. I will post photos after the bedframe arrives/we have assembled it! :)

Friday, we spent much of the day unpacking. I refilled my spice rack (which had come with pre-filled spices) with ones that I actually use. It was kind of a fun project. I put this picture of our kitchen washcloths and towels up to say again thank you everyone for everything at our wedding many, many years ago. Its amazing how much stuff we get as we are married, and I am reminded of the generosity especially as I move/unpack the many wedding gifts that we had received.

Saturday, after much of the stuff had been put away (we still have a few boxes laying about, and have not put things up on the walls as all of our furniture is not yet here), we went shopping. We found a kitchen table at a garage sale (score!), and kitchen chairs at Habitat for Humanity. We have decided to go with a variety of kitchen chairs as Pete favors that look. We also found some rugs, my chair, storage units for the garage, and a few other odds and ends.

 It is really shaping up to look like a house! Kinda fun to start feeling settled once again! :)

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Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW! The place looks great Pete and Heidi, what a nice place to call home , can't wait to come visit.
Love Mom and Dad