Thursday, December 1, 2011

Catch-up with my life

So, as the semester is winding to a close... I figured I would post what we've been doing these last couple of weeks -- which have been a whirlwind.

Monday, November 21st -- I finished my heme-onc domain. This is one of the hardest domains (classes) that we have this year, so it felt like a minor victory to complete it well.

After packing and readying the car, we left for Minnesota on Wednesday -- with the driver (Pete) muttering as we were stuck in traffic in Chicago -- "look, there's no traffic back-up 1000 feet above us" or "if we would have flown, we would have been there by now". It certainly did not help that the weather that day was beautiful blue skies and well above freezing. Other than the usual Chicago delay, the ride there was nice and we made good time. It was fun to be able to visit family for a few hours before heading North Thursday morning for Thanksgiving at the Town Hall with the S**** family.

Thanksgiving at the Town Hall was very nice! Most of my cousins, all of my aunts/uncles and Grandma were there, with total attendance >100. It was so much fun to catch up with many people I have not seen in years, and meet my cousins little kids! I was really glad we were able to be there for this event, as this side of my family does not get together like this often and has only rented out the Town Hall a handful of times in the past (each time I remember quite fondly). I will have to post pictures once I figure out how to get them off of my phone.

After enjoying Thanksgiving, we went back to my parents home. My mom, sisters and I went Black Friday shopping early Friday morning -- making it to the Mall of America, and a few other stores. I was surprised that the MOA was not packed with people, but it was fun to visit this old stomping ground and get a few of the Friday deals (as well as a few things that we actually needed). Such a fun day! :)

Saturday was spent visiting a myriad of people -- my husbands family in the morning, and my aunt's and a few others at a wedding that evening. Sunday we left in the morning thinking that the weekend was fun and enjoyable, but passed by too quickly.

That brings us to this week... catching up with studies, laundry, house-work, decorating for Christmas, and the many other chores that come with spending time away.

We also were able to take a short flight this evening -- this was Pete's 1st time up with a passenger since getting his license. And I thought it was fun to sit in the front seat of the plane, and play a bit with the wheel. The setting sun is certainly beautiful at 3000 feet up, as are the street lamps reflecting off the brilliant white snow appearing like strands of pearls.

So what have you been doing? How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you were able to share the holiday with ones that you love, and had much laughter and good food. Merry Christmas!


Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Happy belated thanksgiving to you and Pete; sounds like such an enjoyable time. Hope the rest of your schooling/semester is "smooth flying" ---Congrats to Pete on the license!

Julie said...

Sounds wonderful! And I imagine that you had a spectacular view of the sunset. How awesome that he has his license. :)