Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1 year later....

A year ago, I was in a bad car accident (click on it and it should link you to pictures, etc.). So much has changed in this last year, but I have so many things to be thankful for today.

1) I am thankful for having so many wonderful people in my life that showed a lot of love and support in the weeks following the car accident.
2) I am thankful that one of the bigger challenges on my horizon is Step 1 boards -- I just scheduled them yesterday for June 18th, 2012 at 11 AM. It's an 8 hour test that determines if I am able to continue onto my 3rd year and do rotations in the hospitals next year. It is also a test where the score matters for application to residency programs. To think a year ago, I was not certain that I would be able to continue on with school or if I would need to re-evaluate my future goals/aspirations. I'm sure I could have been happy doing something else, but I am thankful to be given the opportunity to continue with school and one day be able to help people as a physician.
3) I am thankful that Pete and I had the opportunity to really reflect on our life and make changes conducive to accomplishing these goals. We have since settled into a much more manageable routine between school, work and life. Pete was able to get his pilot's license -- a goal he has had for many years, but never had time to pursue. Life is what we make it.
4) I am also happy to have the chance to realize that I was spread to thin, and be able to make changes to make life more manageable. This accident made me realize that I don't need to attend every social function, or do everything along with being in school. It also made me realize that I did have the option to move out of the house that I loved, and did not need to make a homemade meal at least weekly. School is a big commitment, and it's much more enjoyable to attend when life is made simple. I think this probably applies to most situations.
5) I am thankful that I was put in the opportunity to accept help. This is something that I struggle with from time-to-time often finding things easier to do by myself (as I know the finished outcome once I am done), and stubborn enough to attempt. It's a humbling thing, but also makes you realize how much support you do have.

If you see a car in a ditch or an accident scene without EMS present, please report it to 911/the authorities. There is a good chance that they have not been notified, and the person(s) involved may not be capable of calling.

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Julie said...

Good luck on your test! I'm so glad you were able to continue school after the (scary) accident- I know you'll be a blessing to many.