Monday, November 21, 2011

Pete now has his Private Pilot's License

Pete is now a Private Pilot! Passed the check-ride on Saturday (that was the last hurdle)... now to find a plane! :) Otherwise, he's a pilot without wings, kinda like being a driver without a car. We are certainly looking forward to all the possibilities that having a pilot's license brings... like being able to go back home and visit without a 12 or so hour car ride, or making a day trips to places that might otherwise be weekend excursions. I am proud of him -- it is quite an accomplishment to get his license, especially with only 40 hrs of "behind-the-wheel"... most people who pass the checkride (kind of like the behind the wheel test for drivers ed) have ~60 hours of instruction/practice time. Although I have yet to go up with him solo -- I am looking forward to sitting in the frontseat and helping him navigate/watch the world pass by below!

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