Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It feels crisp in the air

Yesterday, we headed over to Pete's mom and dad's for a Labor day picnic ~ it was fun to see family, and get out of the house for the afternoon! :)

But, you could not deny the slight crispness to the air... especially in light of the past many days where it has felt like summer. It is starting to feel like fall. A great time of year -- trips to the cider mill for cider and doughnuts, sweatshirt and flannel weather, some yard work (slitting and stacking wood, raking leaves), and a good time of year to be in school. I get excited by the change in seasons! :)

Update on the Hondo: he is pretty much back to normal. His stitches are out, and days that he is not wearing the cone (we take it off him, then he starts to scratch at the eye... so the cone gets put back on) -- he looks pretty much like he used to (well, except the one eye is stitched shut so it looks like he's perpetually winking).  He's gotten pretty good at figuring out that he has to turn his head to "eyeball" things, however when he runs into one of us on his left side... he will shriek, because he did not see us. His head is no longer tilty -- I think his eardrum must be healed, and the ear infection seems to be getting better (he will go to the vet this week to confirm). He has resumed all of his usual activities -- going on walks, playing tug-o-war with one of us, going up/down stairs... back to normal, and he seems happy! :)

Pete has taken to teasing the dog -- giving him treats on his left side, and then moving them when Hondo turns his head... and then putting them where he can see them. Hondo just plays along, happy to get something other than his dog food to eat (he is on a diet).

Have a good day!

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