Monday, August 29, 2011

I am now a Second Year (med student)

Second year starts today... I am looking forward to again being challenged by school (although, I am not so excited for the large exams this year -- including my first board exam in June). It looks to be an interesting.

Our first domain is neuro... 3 weeks, and about 700 pages of coursepack (with some additional chapters of required reading outside that). In addition to that, we will learn and be examined on our ability to perform a complete neuro exam on a patient. We also have unknown amounts of reading in ethics -- but know that in the next 3 weeks we are expected to produce 3 short 1-pg essays, and a paper on an encounter with a patient regarding advanced directives.

This will be my life this year -- new domain about every 3 weeks, plus some additional classes thrown in for good measure. Majority of our learning is supposed to be self-taught (but we will have lectures and small groups thrown in to keep us on track), and we are supposed to do a 1/2 hr study for boards each day. I am looking forward to it, but am also nervous. Should be a fun year!


Cami said...

Good luck with your 2nd year of med school...sounds busy! I'm sure you'll do awesome though! :) Enjoy all the learning.

Sue said...

Good Luck, Heidi! I am jumping back into school after 24 years, I can't wait but at the same time am feeling a little intimidated.

Pete/Heidi said...

Thank you both!

@ Sue -- good for you! I wish you all the best as you start! :) I can certainly empathize with the intimidation factor after a break (though my break was only 7 years)! It did take a few weeks to get back into the swing of learning last fall (and remembering those pesky things that I used to know)... but once back in the groove, I think I have an easier time balancing life and being focused on getting work done as an adult! Hope your semester goes well and you enjoy your classes!

Clare said...

Good luck this year! You will do great:)