Friday, July 1, 2011

First day of Freedom!

Now to go collect pics of my planned day...
A poolside pic of some sort.
A cup of iced tea with lemon.
And a copy of some novel half finished... taking suggestions on such a novel! Preferably, something quick and easy to follow.


Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, Mindy came for a visit. I wish I knew you were on break, I'd have had you too. All your wishes would have been fulfilled except for the good book part - too much commotion!
Congratulations on finishing your first year!

Pete/Heidi said...

Hi Annu~ Thanks ~ feels good to be done! Yesterday was a lovely day & it felt really good to unwind! I ended up sticking around here and got the things on that list done (except forgot to take pics of it all) -- just re-read a book that I have around here! :)