Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break

As of Friday a bit before noon, I have been off on spring break.

My highlights thus far...
-Catching up on sleep. I was only awake for 7 hours on Saturday, and I was not even sick! :)
-Making a trip to the planetarium near my home. Had never been to a planetarium. Really neat to see the night sky constellations pointed out, and learn about dark matter in outer space. Felt like a middle school field trip!
-Seeing the L* family. They made the trip out to visit us on Sunday and have dinner. It was nice to see them! :)
-Attending a recipe exchange party tonight. It was nice to be able to attend a social function on a week night, and get many great new recipes!

Aside from the above, I have also been resting and trying to get some errands done (taxes, oil changes, and the like). I gave myself a four day break from anything school related, and it felt great to relax!

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