Monday, February 28, 2011

Misc. Ramblings

About a week ago, a few of my friends and I met for coffee at a place near my new home. It felt so wonderful to have this type of companionship for an evening, we talked about lots of things and nothing until much past my bedtime... it was certainly a nice and welcome break from school.

This is the beginning of the most difficult week in Block I (first year of medical school). We have 3 exams in 5 days (1 down, 2 to go), one of those being a final exam in a difficult course. Because of this weeks intensity, we missed an out-of-town family wedding over the weekend. It would have been nice to go, but sometimes its not possible to make it to everything. I am really looking forward to Friday -- the last exam of the week, and beginning of spring break!

In other news, its nice and sunny today. Its about 40 degrees... I am really starting to get spring fever and looking forward to days that I can sit outside and study! :) Spring is on its way!


Laura said...

Good luck with the exams - we will meet for dinner one day maybe next week would be best

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!