Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Pug in an Apartment

Pugs are called "Velcro Dogs". Ever since Pete left for China, Hondo (our pug) has been my shadow when ever I am at home; following me from room-to-room (so long as the rooms were on the same level), sitting under my desk when I studied, patiently waiting in the kitchen as I cooked for the inevitably dropped piece of vegetable or crumb. Don't get me wrong, he still likes Pete and is really happy to see him when he gets home. He just prefers me.

I did not think that he could be any more velcro-y (if that is a word). However, now that we are in the apartment, this is most certainly what he has become; putting his head on my textbooks when I sit on the couch and study, sitting by the bathroom door when I take a shower, and waking up and moving to another room if I happen to move. Sometimes, I find this very endearing... other times, it reminds me how much I study (and how little I move around throughout the day).

But, he is a good dog. I am reminded of this whenever we go for walks around the complex/town. Occasionally dogs, will come up and say "hi". Many bark (or yip). Some growl. Others look like they want to attack, and nearly choke themselves trying to get closer. He'll go say "hi" and sniff their nose, and then come sit down by my feet. It certainly makes it much easier to have a dog in an apartment complex, when he is generally well-behaved.

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Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

So, so cute. Labradoodles such as my Sonny are velcro dogs, too! He likes to be rightnexttome. :)
Happy that you have Hondo for some company. Happy studying!