Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yes, it has been a while...

It has been a while since I last posted. I was not entirely sure what I should write. So, I would write something and then delete it, write something then delete it. Today, my goal is to write something and actually keep it up.

About a month ago, I was in a bad car wreck. Since that day, my life has entered another transition state. This near brush with death has reminded me of two things, 1) we are not 100% in control, and 2) gave some perspective on my priorities. Pete and I have since replaced the car, and I now live in an apartment much closer to school. Our home has been listed, hoping some other couple or person finds this house as charming, unique, and wonderful as we have these last few years. I will start spring semester on Monday, and feel fortunate that I was able to finish fall semester before break and will be able to continue with school.

Its odd moving away from your home as an adult. Down sizing and re-aligning your life. When school started, I really did not want to move away from this place -- comfortable surroundings, brightly colored walls, a cozy wood stove, and a lot of family/friends nearby. However, this accident has reminded me of my priorities -- right now, school is higher on the list than remaining at home. So, I needed to move closer to make more time for school and minimize some of the risk associated with driving long distances to/from school each day.

I do like my apartment. I can see myself being happy there. There is a wall painted a browny shade of orange. I like it. Colors make me happy, and so I am happy that all of the walls are not a bland palate of whites. It is also close to many things, and should be easier to take care of and maintain during school.

Hopefully, 2011 will be a less exciting year. I am looking forward to starting school again, and all the busy-ness that comes with each semester. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2011!


ethiopifinn said...

wishing you a happy new year! i've been thinking of you lots since your accident, wondering how you are really doing :)

now, take good care! enjoy your studies, too.

Maria said...

Glad to hear you are all situated in your new place :) Hope your spring semester starts of great this week!
It was so fun to visit with you and Peter at Christmas time...hope to do it again sometime!

Julie said...

I've been thinking about you and hoping that you're doing okay! Big life change you're dealing with- I hope the transition goes well. And that your schooling is, too! :)