Friday, January 28, 2011

Intersting things learned so far in med school

Following an exam today (one of many this semester), I need to remind myself of all the cool things that I have learned so far in medical school:

-How to use an otoscope (the thing doctor's look in your eyes with), opthalmoscope (the thing doctor's look in your ear and nose with), stethascope, and blood pressure cuffs... I now even have one of each of these items! :)
-Licorice consumption can lead to low potassium in your blood (hypokalemia) and high blood pressure (hypertension)... this is not talking about twizzlers or cheap licorice candy, but more expensive brands of licorice and items that contain real licorice extract or the compound, glycerrhetinic acid.
-Fat from food flows through your lymph system (and not through your blood).
-Panda's can't taste umami, one of the five basic senses.
-The reason hydration packets contain salt and sugar.
-Mucus contains antibodies, and helps to fight (and prevent) infection.
-Something called an auscultatory gap -- where when you measure blood pressure, there can be a gap in sounds and can lead to an inaccurately low blood pressure reading.
-How a body adapts to different kinds of conditions -- bone becomes stronger or weaker depending on activity (and type of activity) level; your gut adapts to different diets to maximize food absorption; you immune system responds to different types of infections, etc. So interesting, and amazing!

Most days, I do really enjoy being in school again. I feel lucky to be able to learn so many interesting things. Of course, there are days that are stressful, or when I momentarily feel overwhelmed. But, most of the time... I don't realize how much time I actually put in, because it is enjoyable and contains at least one fascinating bit of trivia.

Like, did you know that you secrete growth hormone when you sleep?