Monday, September 22, 2008

New Kitten

I took home a new kitten this morning... It is such a little ball of fur and so cute! However, our existing kitten, Cinder, wants less than nothing to do with it... In fact, Cinder is downright hostile~ hissing and swiping at the new kitten whenever the little kitten is around. We got the second kitten for two reasons: 1) Cinder needs company, he is constantly mewing at the windows and doors seemingly wanting companionship, and 2) I wanted a female kitten, as they seem nicer and have a tendency to stay closer to the house.

So, we have separated the two kittens~ Cinder gets his back porch territory, and the new kitten has been relocated to the front stoop. We are also trying to reward Cinder with tuna when we bring the new kitten to the back porch, and I come prepared to spray Cinder with water when he becomes aggressive. I hope the two kittens can learn to get along, and live happily together outside.

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Maria said...

Cute little kitten :)