Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday ramblings

Once again , it's Monday. It seems that fall has arrived a week ahead of schedule.
1. The trees have started to turn colors, and shed their leaves.
2. Our chuck-berry tree (crab apple?), has yellow chuck-berries with a reddish-hue.
3. Ice Hockey season has started again...
4. It was a soggy weekend, by all accounts.

Aside from the downpour, this past weekend was truly wonderful. We were able to relax, and visit both family and friends. And, hockey started ~ it's nice to have this social & physical outlet again!

I am excited to have a short week, this week. My mom and her sisters are coming in-town, on Friday, for Kate & Paul's wedding this weekend! Pete and I have decided to have a long weekend, and have taken Thurs-Monday off! :)

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