Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Floor Part 1

Since arriving at our house, we have had a big "to-do" list. One of the big projects on the list is getting a new floor for the living room and wood stove room at our house. So, yesterday we spent cleaning out these rooms (top right and bottom left), making Hondo's room and the upper level hallway look like used furniture warehouses. We also got our wood delivered~ 5" unfinished red oak (lower left photo), the ball next to the pile is a standard 8" plastic bouncy ball.

Today, in preparation for tomorrow's floor installation we removed the cracked marble fireplace. Obviously, it has been a while since this was cleaned out. We found treasures, most not belonging to us (upper right corner). As this mantle was cracked when the house was lifted ca. 1980, its amazing the marble pieces have not been removed before today! We look forward to the finished results... but tonight we're enjoying the smell of fresh wood.

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