Saturday, October 1, 2011

One more test to go before his pilot's license!

Last Wednesday, Pete took (and passed) the written exam to get his pilot's license and is now done with ground school! He needs some more hours (both instructed and solo) flying a plane, before he is eligible to take his check-ride and get his pilots license. But, he is now one step closer to being able to do that... and I am looking forward to when he get's his license so I can accompany him and sit up front in the plane! :)


Anonymous said...

Had it from a reliable source that he was flying a yellow plane above our house last night. The kids thought it was pretty cool.

ethiopifinn said...

congrats to the hub. so exciting!

i was just catching up on your posts...your 9.11 post is just so well written. it did change america, that day, and is still rippling now!

study hard over there...:)

Pete/Heidi said...

Annu -- yes, he was! I'll have to post some pics that he took around town, they are kind of neat! :)

Jenny -- thanks! :)

Laura L said...

Yep we all went out and waved to him